Boost Your Interview and Hiring Process

The hiring process begins by screening a number of candidates and when you have a lot of good applicants you would like to boost your assessment process. Candidates not only requires to assess specific to the job but for cultural fitment too. 

Creating one-way assessments or Video assessments needs a well-defined proper set of questions and clear details that is easy for the candidates to understand.

How about a feature that would import questions from a library and you are good to dispatch assessment in just a few clicks! 

Introducing Question Set Library that will boost your Hiring process

These are saved sets of questions that you can re-use for interviews that you create in the future. This allows you and your team to prepare in advance for any future hiring and speed-up the interview process.

Let’s see how it works: 

  • Click on the New Question Set icon available at the right panel 

  • Now, the Question Set screen would appear, where you can create, edit, and manage your interview question sets. Let’s jump on to create a question set by clicking “Create Question Set” Button

  • You will land on the Question Builder screen where you can simply add a name to this Question Set and drag and drop response types to add Question details. Once you are done just click on Done 🙂 

  • Now is the time to see how you can boost your assessment process. Just go to the Create assessment question builder screen and click on ‘Import Questions Set’ Button.

  •  This would open a Modal View where you see a list of all the questions available in the question set. Additionally, you can expand each question to see its settings and other important details. This gives the user an easy way to check everything right over here without going back and forth to check the question library. You could also select all questions or even pick selective questions for importing. Now just click on ‘Import Question Set’ Button.

Great!! Isn’t it ? 

With this feature, you can create an assessment in just a few clicks without typing at all !! 

We highly recommend you to use this feature as it will save a lot of time and will boost your hiring and interview process. It completely eliminates the efforts in making interview questions and helps you quickly dispatch assessments and speed-up the screening process.

Happy Hiring !!