Video Interviews: Your Solution To Attracting Middle East’s Millennial Talent

Millennials are on track to make up 35% of the global workforce by 2025, and Gen Z a whopping 24%.  With over half of the entire world’s population depending on these professional segments to drive business success and economic prosperity, there’s a lot for employers to start pondering over.

The millennial generation (born between 1980 and 2000) has earned a reputation for itself that’s unlike any of its predecessors. From being extremely tech savvy, independent thinkers, and heavily invested in workplace culture, they have little interest in employers lagging behind in innovation. So what does this mean for organizations looking to hire and scale their operations? It means it’s time to change the way you’ve been communicating with this audience, and proactively make moves to cater to their preferences.

It should come off as no surprise that millennials are huge fans of video interviews. Allowing them to respond from anywhere in the world when the want, it’s fast, easy and helps them make the most out of their time. A generation that has always advocated innovation, using technology to help them professionally advance is the secret to winning them over.

One of the key ways to achieve this objective is by incorporating video interviewing into your recruitment process. Why? Glad you asked.


1) Millennials Like to Be in Control:

The days of strict interview schedules are slowly fading away- job seekers want flexibility to do things without being time bound. Video interviewing solutions grant a “self-service” kind of freedom to millennials so they can record interviews at their own pace.

Granting the power of interview self-scheduling will not only attract a larger pool of candidates, but also position you as an employer changing the hiring landscape.


2) Video Consumption Is on the Rise:

The amount of video consumed on a daily basis is very high- 67 minutes being an average figure. Meanwhile, mobile usage is at an estimated 100% among GCC millennials- this means an easily accessible smartphone is almost in every palm to view, record and edit videos.

This audience is familiar with video technology like the back of their hand; apps like snapchat and instagram have tremendously helped overcome the hesitations once associated with being in front of a camera.

Fun fact: Did you know that the world’s most avid YouTube viewers are in Saudi Arabia?

3) It’s Great for Your Employer Brand:

Reputation matters as an employer, millenials want to be associated with digitally-savvy companies that invest in technology, and understand its impact. Employers still using outdated practices, cumbersome hiring strategies, and time intensive interviews do not appeal to the millennial mindset one bit.

This is why using a video interviewing platform such as Evalufy can help you gain visibility in this job seeker segment, and provide everyone with a fair opportunity to shine. Using their laptop or mobile device, interested candidates can compete with fellow peers to prove what makes them ideal for the job.


4) Helps You Identify Outstanding Talent:

Video interviewing is not only great for your candidates, but also helps weed out unqualified prospects from your pipeline. Helping your recruiters free up time initially used for back to back screenings, your recruitment team can be more productive by only focusing on talent that performs best in video assessments.

Allowing employers to screen a large volume of prospects simultaneously, and assess their communication and on-the-spot problem solving skills, only the top candidates will be invited back for an in-person interview. The result? Time and cost savings, and improved hiring standards as consequent outcome.



Pairing technology to complement traditional recruitment pathways, video interviews are excellent to attract millennials, and find the best people to add to your company. Engaging, insightful and liberating- this technology offers all pros and no cons, an incentive on its own to get your interviewing process ready for a much needed makeover.


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