5 Ways Video Assessments Can Help Save Your Time

Time is money, and money is time- and the ability to save time is the recipe for success that drives business growth and profitability. If you’re also on a mission to help your recruiters break free from the struggles of inefficient workflows and drive up their productivity, it’s time to let video assessments lead the way for fantastic talent acquisition outcomes.

The link between video interviewing and time savings:

The clock always seems to tick faster when deadlines are looming closer, and a daunting talent shortage lingers. To help make the most out of their workday, video assessments play a key role in helping your hiring team refocus on tasks without candidate interviews taking over their calendar. How? Glad you asked!

1) No more candidate scheduling struggles:

Any recruiter relates to the hassle of coordinating interviews- if the interviewer is available, the candidate is not, and vice versa. Granting relief from long chain emails and phones ringing off the hook, video assessments on the other hand are effortless to schedule.

Candidates are simply sent an email with a link to the employer’s assessment; anytime they are ready to take it, they just have to log in, record their answers via laptop/mobile device, and submit it for review. This allows the recruiters to review the recordings at a time that works best, replay videos if needed, and really assess talent without feeling the distraction of of other pending tasks on their mind.

Meanwhile, prospects are also a fan of the after-hours interviewing that was never a possibility before. It’s a busy life, and not having to schedule their day around an interview is a change warmly very welcomed by job seekers.

2) Forget the small talk:

With only 8 hours in a workday, every minute counts. In-person interviews are time consuming and involve small talk so that the candidate can feel more comfortable, and slowly build a rapport with the interviewer. Video assessments remove a need for this activity altogether; candidates record their answers from a comfortable environment without need for introductions and conversions beyond the scope of the job role requirements.

3) More time to focus on the best candidates:

Powerful hiring relies more on the quality of talent, rather than sheer quantity. Instead of blocking out 30 minute segments of your day to interview each candidate- average or exceptional, video assessments allow organizations to only focus on candidates that promise most potential.

Cutting an interview short in-person can be both rude and awkward when the prospect does not have the right skills to offer. On the flip side, shortlisting the best and the brightest is way faster with video assessments that provide complete control over how much time the interviewer chooses to invest into the candidate’s screening.

4) Candidate no shows are no longer a problem:

Nothing disrupts the tone of the day like candidates that are unable to appear for the interview as planned. Whether prospects do communicate a change in plans, them running into foreseen traffic, or go radio silent- your team’s productivity should go unimpacted by these factors.

This why video assessments are a brilliant recruitment technology to use to protect your hiring team’s productivity, and give them the resources to not let these bottlenecks come in way of their day-to-day task list.

5) Make confident hiring decisions:

A Harvard Business School Study recently found that 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions, you know what we’re hinting at.

This why video assessments are a brilliant recruitment technology to use to protect your hiring team’s productivity, and give them the resources to not let these bottlenecks come in way of their day-to-day task list.


Surprisingly simple yet effective ways to save time, video assessments helps navigate talent acquisition with more precision and scheduling flexibility. Not letting candidates no shows come in way of task lists, your hiring team can strongly benefit from the newfound ability to invest their attention into candidates genuinely qualified for the job and organizational culture to cut down on chances of future retention related challenges.

How Video Will Change Recruiting in 2019

Recruitment and technology are a match that go together like bread and butter. With an increasing number of organizations now using technology to drive forward their hiring, 2019 is already demonstrating signs of this bond growing stronger than ever before.

Famous recruitment solutions such as applicant tracking systems having earned a reputation for adding much ease to hiring processes, but new players like video recruitment are also swift gaining attention thanks to their ability to transform recruitment across all growing companies and industries.

What is Video Recruitment?

Almost self explanatory, this new wave of technology leverages video interviewing platforms to aid talent acquisition. Helping shift away from traditional interview strategies involving repetitive, time consuming and expensive candidate screening, integrating video into your company’s hiring process ensures efficient use of time, flexibility to access talent from around the world, ease of collaboration and of course- tremendous financial savings.

It is no surprise that a recent survey concluded that 95% of candidates that participated in a video interview would like to complete a video interview again. Enjoying the newfound liberty to participate in interviews from the comfort of their homes simply using their laptop or mobile devices, there’s no more need to travel, shuffle schedules, and face the inconveniences of last minute cancellations due to recruiter’s unavailability.

Changes Your Company Can Look Forward To:

1) No more talent shortage:

Traditional recruitment has been strongly dependent on local talent acquisition, in fact 42% of employers struggled due to low talent volumes in 2018. Focusing on prospects that can attend interview in-person has ranked high on recruiters’ preference list to avoid dishing out money for travel, hotels, hospitality, etc. Video interviewing is changing this trend; providing access to an international candidate pool, companies have the convenience of truly pursuing talent that best fits their business needs.

Amping up the competition for top talent to get noticed, organizations will ultimately benefit from being able to interview large volumes of candidates without feeling financially strapped or geographically restricted.

2) Enjoy access to passive candidates:

73% of candidates today are passive job seekers. This means that not all brilliant talent is actively planning their next career move, neither are they too keen on the idea of missing work and other commitments to be interviewed for new roles. Driving down their interest in pursuing fresh opportunities, passive job seekers become a challenge for recruiters to attract.

Video interviewing is changing this attitude; eliminating need for any rescheduling of workdays, commutes to the HR office, or any associated hassles- passive candidates have a much stronger incentive to try their luck and dedicate 20 minutes of their precious time towards an interview that they can record at any time of the day most convenient for them.

3) Build reputation as a tech-savvy employer brand:

The recruitment tools you use are a direct reflection of your company’s commitment to hiring best candidates. Job seekers observe hiring practices and how invested employers are into delivering a comfortable hiring process. This is where video interviewing helps you earn new fans!

Helping skip the monotonous emails, phone calls, and back and forthing- a streamlined and technologically advanced recruitment process indicates a modern and results-focused corporate environment that takes pride in standing out amongst the crowd.

4) Help recruiters regain control over their time:

Time seems to fly when you’re having a good time..or chasing candidates to fill your vacancies. Video interviewing can help control the stress across your recruitment divisions by prioritizing time savings:

  • Candidate no show? No problem! Your hiring managers won’t be left frustrated due to candidates that are a no show for the interview because their workday still goes on unaffected.
  • Ensuring no time is invested interviewing talent that isn’t a good match for the position, your team gets to stay focused on pursuing candidates with the right skill set and credentials. Your recruiters can simply switch to the next interview recording if a particular one doesn’t meet their standards.
  • Scheduling an interview can get complicated, but not with a video interview solution on your side. Candidates are just simply sent an interview invite via email, and they get to complete the interview at a time of their choice before the set deadline.


Optimizing hiring is an art that takes time and the right set of tools to master. Fortunately, the improvements in recruitment technology are adding speed, structure and convenience to talent acquisition activities so your recruiters and interested job seekers can both simultaneously streamline communication. With so many businesses already using video screening tools to attract dream talent, don’t be left behind, we guarantee that your revamped interviews will be an instant hit!