Video Interviews: 5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Recruitment Process

Let’s face it, sometimes hiring missions get interrupted by unexpected roadblocks. The strategies that have worked in the past may not be producing the same results, and the candidate quality is simply not up to the par that’s needed. Your recruitment is struggling due to a shortage of relevant talent, or maybe there just isn’t enough time for you to dedicate towards digging deeper into an interviewee’s skill set.

The challenges are clear, but is there a fix available? Yes, there is, and it’s simpler than you think- it’s time to familiarize yourself with video interview based recruitment.

Video screening software is fast becoming the preferred medium for employers to explore talent and assess prospects’ capabilities. Offering a long list of advantages, let’s explore some key benefits that video recruitment can bring to your business.


1) Helps recruiters better manage their time:

Your HR team has a long list of tasks, some ranking higher in priority than others. Recruiters have to expedite talent acquisition for certain positions, while for others the deadlines may be more flexible. This is why making use of a video recruitment software is a great way for your recruiters to reach out to talent and have them their record their interviews online.

Eliminating need for in-person meetings, complicated scheduling, and no-shows, the time-consuming interviews become very flexible to manage. Your talent sources can have dozens of prospects submit their video-based responses for review at a time that works best for the job seeker and your recruiters- talk about a win win!


 2) Adds consistency to the interview process:

It’s not uncommon for job seekers to share their experiences online just to find that some of them may have had an easier interview than others. To ensure that your hiring decisions do not fall victim to unintentional bias, or stress that your recruiting team may be under, interviewing consistency is easy to maintain using a reliable video recruitment platform. Objective and fair, video interviews provide all candidates with an equal opportunity to impress their audience.


3) Lets your prospects enjoy a stress free interview experience:

Interviews have earned their reputation as an intimidating part of the job search process. Interviewees are typically left stressed by in-person meetings, with nervousness poorly impacting their performance and quality of responses. This is another reason why video interview recruitment is great at making your talent pool feel at ease. Being able to record answers from the comfort of their homes helps improve confidence, and overall standard of responses compared to traditional face-to-face screenings

4) Gives your employer brand an upgrade:

Technology is every organization’s favorite asset- either they want to invest in video interview recruitment, or are excited to see the benefits it delivers. Reflecting cutting edge technology as a foundation of your recruitment framework works like a magnet to attract fresh talent, and gives your employer brand a very powerful competitive edge.

Indicating focus on advancement, ability to keep up with new tools, and overall maintaining a progressive corporate culture, this is an advantage that will have job seekers flooding your inbox with resumes.

5) Experience the joy of increased cost savings:

Hiring can take its toll on a business’s budgets; out of city/county talent needs to be flown in, provided accommodation, in addition to other hosting expenses. Video interviews enable employers to remove this cost from their operations, prospects can record their responses from anywhere in the world without the exhaustion, time limitations, and overall inconvenience of travel associated with candidate screening.


Time’s are changing, and your hiring practices need to keep up with it. Video interview based recruitment is the perfect choice for businesses with growing talent acquisition needs interested in maximizing productivity, cost savings, and building an employer brand known for their futuristic take on candidate screenings. Have you made the switch yet?