Smart evaluation technology that improves productivity, confidence, and ROI

A candidate evaluation platform that uses AI video insights and customized assessments, to help you find the best talent while reducing cost and time-to-hire.

The world’s best organizations trust Evalufy with their hiring needs

Reduce time-to-hire

Reduce hiring costs

Improve productivity and efficiency

Hire with confidence

Measure job success

Get to know your candidates as real people and not just as documents. With 800+ validated tests, you can screen candidates based on job-specific, as well as general skills

Spend time on quality candidates

Don’t waste time screening CVs and conducting phone interviews.
We automatically evaluate candidate text responses so you can spend time watching video responses to custom questions

Eliminate recruitment bias

Get video insights about candidates using our AI technology that detects keywords, candidate emotions, and enables collaborative feedback to give all applicants an equal opportunity to showcase themselves.

Boost employer brand

Invite candidates to a branded, well-designed, mobile-friendly assessment platform that acts as an extension of your brand.

Evalufy is perfect for distributed teams

Enable collaborative interviewing

  • Collect instant feedback by sharing interview with an unlimited number of hiring managers
  • Share responses in bulk with non-Evalufy users

Enable collaborative interviewing

  • Gain a comprehensive overview of a candidate’s personality
  • Share responses in bulk with non-Evalufy users

Define your competencies and questions

  • Choose from 800+ test or create custom assessments with intuitive assessment builder
  • View live subtitles/translation for video responses in multiple languages

Some of the best Evalufy features:

Customized assessments

  • Create custom assessments with our intuitive builder
  • Utilize video questions, text responses, multiple-choice questions, and more

Some of the best Evalufy features:

Easier assessment dispatch

Use our public link option to send assessments to top candidates
Upload CVs and CSV files in bulk to dispatch assessments in bulk

Some of the best Evalufy features:

Smarter candidate evaluation

Evaluate candidates in no time using the power of video and AI

Rate and leave feedback anytime with one-way video assessments

Some of the best Evalufy features:

Efficient cheat-proof settings

Monitor candidates’ screens and capture screenshots at regular intervals

How Evalufy benefits HR

Reduce decision time

Democratize the candidate evaluation process by involving all decision-makers remotely in scoring assessment responses.

Enable collaborative feedback

Democratize the candidate evaluation process by involving all decision-makers remotely in scoring assessment responses.

Capture informative insights

Make smarter hiring decisions using video assessments that provide cues on body language and communication skills.

Reduce decision time

Cut down on the time it takes to make a decision on a candidate, by swiftly sending online assessments and capturing timely responses.

Our clients are our biggest strength

We are happy with Evalufy. It is a great tool that has allowed us to save time during our onboarding process. It is easy to use and has worked greatly for us.

Jorge Pineda

Bromberg & Associates, LLC
USA, Detroit

Evalufy has been a great help for us! For an Education company, having a tool like to screen bulk candidates is a blessing in disguise. We were able to cut down our turn around time on recruitment massively, more than that the team behind Evalufy is fantastic, very helpful and is very hands on with their product.

100% would recommend to other organizations

Nahala Ali

Dubai, UAE

I was skeptical at the beginning, but the system proved to be very effective. It saved us a lot of time by seeing the candidates on video. We mainly were looking for language proficiency and personality, the video allowed us to save time and filter the candidates.

Their staff are professional and supportive. We will continue to use Evalufy as part of our future recruitment

Ibraheem AlNajjar

Riyadh, KSA