How Video Assessments Help You Hire Faster

Digital technologies have radically been altering traditional business practices. Like a domino effect, one after the other, each sphere of the workplace has felt the impact of the digital revolution.

The recruitment channel stands as a shining example of a field that has embraced the wondrous possibilities that the digital space has unlocked. Recruiters are thus striving to engineer a digital overhaul of traditional recruitment methodologies.

A recent, albeit immediately disruptive development in the recruitment landscape has been the introduction of video assessments, which are presenting themselves as a more appealing and efficient alternative to written tests or the various constraints associated with in-person interviews.

Here’s How Video Assessments Work

Employing digital technology, recruiters send a set of questions to candidates, who are required to record video responses to them. The cloud-based technology that powers this feature offers the luxury of customization. Employers can pose the questions in written or video format, decide a time limit for the responses or simply leave it untimed. A deadline is set for submission, before which the candidate can complete the assessment anywhere, anytime.

As a valuable exercise in employer branding, recruiters can also take things up a notch by designing customized landing pages.

It’s not hard to understand why video assessments have created a stir. An innovative and powerful recruitment tool, video-based assessments allow a great deal of ease and comfort for both the parties, while also cutting down costs and elevating the candidate experience by a mile.

The collective outcome of these benefits is a more streamlined and compact process that improves the productivity of your hiring cycle and removes the roadblocks associated with in-person interviews. The candidate can record these responses within a setting of their choosing and at a time suitable for them. Similarly, the evaluator can view the responses whenever they please.

How Video Assessments Help You Hire Faster

In a study of 506 companies, it was found that 47% of hiring managers shifted to using video assessments to compress the hiring time. There is no doubt that video assessments accelerate recruitment cycles. Here’s how:

1. By Eliminating the Hassles of Physical Assessments

Video assessments eliminate the hassle of physically scheduling interviews and tests. Agreeing on a date, deciding a place and time that suits both the interviewer and candidate can be time-consuming, burdensome, and costly. With video assessments, both parties don’t need to be in the same place at the same time and can record or view responses whenever suitable for them. Assessments that take place virtually are especially helpful when interviewing candidates based in far-off remote locations.

2. By Ensuring Quicker Grading

As a candidate progresses through the recruitment process, they will be interviewed by different people from different departments, starting from HR, to line managers and eventually the top brass of the organization. Instead of the multiple evaluators taking turns interviewing the candidate, video-based assessments can easily be shared with all the evaluators in one go who can then collectively make a hiring decision.

Moreover, instead of personally meeting the entire list of applicants for a role, you can filter out candidates through video assessments and reserve in-person interviews only for those who make a good match for your organization.

3. By Offering Deeper Insights

Video assessments can reveal much deeper insights about your applicants than written assessments. A test score or their page-long resume will always fail to give a holistic impression of the rich, multi-faceted personality of an individual.

With video assessments, the metrics for your assessment can be expanded and made more inclusive. For example, examining the soft skills of the candidate, such as their body language or facial expressions, can speak a lot about their mood, behavioral tendencies and personality.

Based on these indicators, beyond assessing the candidate’s understanding of the position or the level of their competency, you can also evaluate if they’d be a cultural fit for your organization. This way, given the amount of information and data that can be generated, a video assessment is tantamount to multiple hiring stages.

4. By Capturing the Candidate’s Interest More Effectively

Quite simply, the quicker you secure applicants, the sooner you can proceed with the assessments. Candidates are likely to display greater responsiveness to video assessments than written tests because it allows them an opportunity to showcase the full range of their qualities and strengths, instead of relying on any one skill or aspect.

They can spend time carefully reflecting on the questions you have posted and drafting thoughtful responses, which is ideal for individuals who dread the nerve-wracking atmosphere of in-person interviews. Naturally, candidates will be more drawn to assessment tools that empower them to this degree.

A fast and efficient hiring cycle is vital for any organization. Candidates have, in all likelihood, applied to other jobs too, and if they get a response from another company before yours, you might end up missing out on some great talent. It’s a cost you shouldn’t be willing to pay, especially when the solution is right in front of you.

A company that dedicates itself to constantly keeping up with the pace of innovation nowadays will always emerge as a front runner in the market. As video assessments prepare to conquer the recruitment sphere, there should be no doubt in your mind, video assessments are the way forward for you!