How Video Assessments Can Boost Your Employer Brand

Do you want to know how video assessments can boost your employer brand? Read on!

Today, companies are becoming increasingly conscious about employer branding. In a competitive business landscape, a powerful employer brand reflects directly on the standing of the company and the extent to which it is immune to the rigorous competition around it.

Not only is good employer branding the foremost tool to create awareness and a positive perception of your brand, but it’s also a great way to generate a good word of mouth, which happens to be a decisive factor in getting more and more job seekers enthusiastic about wanting to work at your company. 59% of the employers therefore say that employer branding represents one of the key components of the organization’s overall HR strategy.

A strong employer brand can thus be a huge boost to recruitment efforts and reduce the recruiters’ work by half. With good employer branding, the organization will essentially be speaking for itself, without the recruiter being at pains to establish its value proposition, or convincing the job seekers that their company is worthy.

When developing recruitment strategies therefore, it’s essential to think of ways that will build your employer brand and further consolidate its ranking. You basically want your recruitment process to emphasize the strong reputation of your brand and every step along the way should be a reminder of the same. So, what can you do as part of your recruiting efforts to boost your employer branding?

The Power of Video

Video has emerged as the glorious answer, not only for the diverse opportunities it offers, but also for the contribution it can make to employer branding. Here are some interesting statistics that drive home the point:

  • 82% of all global internet traffic will be video by 2021. (cisco)
  •  Video content on social media gets 1200% more shares than text and image content (G2 crowd)
  • Recruitment agencies are already reporting 800% more engagement with job ads that have video embedded(cisco).
  • In 2018, people spent on average 2.6 times longer on pages that contained video than on pages without. (blue corona)
  • Embedding videos into landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%.(cisco)

Yes, video can score big on various fronts and is fast becoming a favorite among recruiters in their talent acquisition efforts. Corporate videos, employee video testimonials, culture videos are some of the most common ways in which recruiters have been making use of this powerful tool.

Video Assessments

However, the newest, and arguably the most disruptive trend to hit the scene has been the video assessment, which is quickly revolutionizing the way in which candidates are screened and hired for a job.

With video assessments, recruiters use an assessment software to send questions to the candidates which they are then required to record video responses to, within a set time frame. This is a more informative and revealing substitute for phone interviews and can evade the hassle of meeting an unreasonably large number of candidates. This way, interviews can be  saved for the topmost candidates only. In fact, video assessments of candidates is reported to work around 6 times faster than telephone interviews.

This all seems fairly simple, but here’s the million dollar question: how does this add to your employer branding?

Video Assessments and Employer Branding

Interestingly, video assessments lift your employer brand in more ways than one.

For starters, video assessments position your company as a tech-savvy organization committed to conquering the digital realm and leveraging new and exciting technologies in the process. For job seekers, this points to a culture that is defined by the goal to constantly evolve and reinvent oneself.

Millennial candidates, who are soaked up in the digital world as it is, will especially make a more positive estimation of companies that are technologically progressive. Digital recruiting tools like video assessments therefore put employers ahead in the race, affording them a clear competitive advantage among the youth.

Secondly, candidates are often less enthusiastic about companies that subscribe to the typical, matter-of-fact application process. Job seekers today want to be creatively and intellectually stimulated. They want to see your brand alive and kicking through their recruitment. Instead of just being exposed to unimaginative forms and dull JDs, they want to interact with the organization’s rich and dynamic culture during the length and breadth of the hiring process.

Unfortunately, recruiters continue to play by the book, doling out lackluster vacancies, with half-baked value propositions and ineffectual calls to action, and still expect to magically be flooded with resumes.

This might have worked in the past, but not anymore. Your job seeker today is becoming increasingly aware and is hence difficult to impress, so recruiters must amp up their hiring strategies accordingly.

Video Assessments allow you to catch your fussy job seeker’s attention in an instant because of the multiple employer branding options they offer. Organizations can brandish their employer brand by developing customized landing pages that they can then fill with company videos, employee testimonials and other relevant graphics and visuals that bring some flavor to an otherwise bland and unwelcoming application process.

But that’s not all. In fact, the best is yet to be discussed. The greatest contribution of video assessments to employer branding lies in their guarantee of providing a good candidate experience. A good candidate experience can deliver a knockout punch for your employer brand. If you can show that you care about the candidate and want to provide them a top-notch recruiting experience, unmatched in its flexibility, speed and convenience, you’ve got their attention.

With video assessments, you send questions that the candidates can record on their own time. This way they get the space to reflect freely before recording their answer and what’s more- they can do all this from the comfort of their own room! In one fell swoop, you’re minimizing the physical effort they’ll have to make, while also acknowledging that their comfort and ease is your number one priority.

This can be very encouraging for the candidates who will also feel empowered by the fact that they have the room to think about their answers and perfect the quality of their responses. This degree of autonomy is sure to delight all candidates and help you win them over without having to fight too hard for their attention. After all, who doesn’t want to work for an employer that prizes their employees’ needs and peace of mind over all else?

The Bottom Line

Though the connection between employer branding and video assessments might not be immediately obvious, it’s undoubtedly true that they can be crucial in fostering good will between the employer and the candidate. With the amount of ease and efficiency that video assessments allow, the payback to be gained is significantly high and the effort, minimal.

It’s no wonder that companies en masse have either promptly shifted to this platform or are seriously considering making the move. Make no mistake, this is the future of recruitment and the more quickly you embrace  this change, the more your employer brand is likely to benefit!