Evalufy is a smart video assessment platform for distributed teams

Remote Recruitment & Hiring

Replace time-consuming phone screens with video-based assessments. Learn more about the candidate beyond the resume.

Standardized Testing

See if candidates & employees can “walk the talk” by capturing video responses & text answers to your customized tests & assessments.

Training & Development

Validate how effective your online training programs are by regularly testing your remote staff with video assessments.

How do Video Assessments help you Recruit Faster and Smarter?

  • Helps You Screen Candidates Faster

    You need to create your candidate shortlists fast but phone screening is an incredibly time-consuming endeavor. Video assessments help you get better insights in a fraction of the time.

  • Reduces Manual Effort & Costs

    Other screening methods are resource-intensive. Evalufy’s video assessment platform allows you to dispatch hundreds of assessments with a few clicks.

  • More insightful than other screening methods

    Resumes are often bloated and phone screening introduces recruiter bias. With video responses, hiring managers & interviewers get to see the candidate in action first-hand.

  • Improves Your Employer Brand

    On-premise & remote candidates formulate an impression through your hiring process. Video assessments allow candidates to express their true self & in turn, create a positive impression about you.

Must-have Benefits of Evalufy

Reduce Decision Times

Cut down the time it takes to make a decision on a candidate for any purpose by swiftly sending online assessments and capturing timely responses.

Capture Revealing Insights

Assessments that involve video are highly informative as it provides cues on body language and communication skills enabling smarter decisions.

Enable Collaborative Feedback

Involve all decision makers remotely in grading and scoring assessment responses and democratize the candidate evaluation process.

Promote Your Brand

Invite candidates to a branded, mobile-friendly assessment platform and position yourself as a modern, progressive organization.

Assess Candidates On Any Device

Refrain from forcing your candidates to use a specific device. Allow them to take assessments on desktop, tablet and phones.

Evaluate in Your Language

Your audience may speak different languages and your tools need to adapt accordingly. Create and send assesments in the language of your choosing.


Craft Customized Assessments and Capture Text & Video Responses

Using a user-friendly editor, you can create an intuitive assessment experience with your rules. The tool allows you to:

  • Choose between a regular or timed assessment
  • Specify the assessment language
  • Set a deadline for submission
  • Record Questions in Video instead of Text
  • Select from a variety of question types e.g.. Video, Text, Multiple-choice and more


Dispatch Assessments in Bulk & Keep Track of Progress

  • Upload a list of Candidates, group them in a Batch and Send them an assessment with one click.
  • Select Multiple Evaluators for a single assessment to allow for collaborative scoring.
  • Keep track of Assessments that have been dispatched, recieved submissions and pending requests.


Deliver Exceptional Candidate Experience with Branded Assessment Pages

  • Share Assessments with Candidates using Customized Cover Emails.
  • Bring Candidates to Branded Assessment Page and orient them with a practice exam.
  • Capture Video Responses from Candidates within the duration limit you have prescribed.


Enable Collaboration by Allowing Multiple Evaluators to Grade Responses

The grading experience is super simple. Evaluators get notified when a completed assessment is received. They can browse through responses and add ratings & comments per question. Evalufy then aggregates the scores and auto-generates easy-to-read scorecards.


Review Intuitive Scorecards for Each Candidate & Make Informed Decisions

Browse the scores received for each response given by a candidate and understand how the candidate fared. You can also review summary scorecards to get a consolidated rating assigned by the evaluators involved.


Out-of-the-Box Integration with Talentera ATS

Using Talentera as your ATS? No problem. Evalufy hooks right in. You can easily send assessments straight from Talentera and review the assigned resullts without ever leaving the ATS.

Out-of-the-Box Integration with Talentera ATS Out-of-the-Box Integration with Talentera ATS

What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

I was skeptical at the beginning, but the system proved to be very effective. It saved us a lot of time by seeing the candidates on video. We mainly were looking for language proficiency and personality, the video allowed us to save time and filter the candidates.

Their staff are professional and supportive. We will continue to use Evalufy as part of our future recruitment

Ibraheem AlNajjar
Ibraheem AlNajjar

Director of UKuni

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