5 Signs Your Company Needs Video Interviewing

If there’s one dream that most employers have, it’s achieving happy recruiters and happier candidates. This goal is fast becoming a reality for many companies simply by incorporating one powerful piece of technology into their hiring strategy- and that is video interviewing.

An estimated 60% of hiring managers and recruiters are now using video interviewing software to improve talent acquisition and enhance their hiring efficiency. Other research has concluded that out of a group of 506 companies, 47% used video interviewing to fill their positions without the usual time and cost-intensive delays.

If you too are ready to make your recruitment framework cutting-edge and focused on delivering a candidate experience that appeals to job seekers all around the world- investing in video interview software is the answer.

Still looking for other reasons to raise the bar and make video assessments your recruitment team’s top ally? Keep reading our take on 5 signs that could indicate you’re ready to make the switch:


1) Your business is booming:

Who doesn’t want their organization to perform well, and grow in both scale and profit margins? The answer is no one. A booming business is a great success metric to take pride in, and also indicates the need to increase your workforce to keep the momentum up and running.

To help your recruiters tackle new hiring targets without a crisis, it’s critical to arm them with the right resources that help them scout talent painlessly. This is where researching a video interviewing solution that’s a perfect fit for your organization becomes the gold that you need to start mining for. 

Instead of letting your headhunters struggle with an overwhelming volume of tasks and candidate interviews, add some ease to their workflow by enabling the option for candidates to submit video interviews (also known as digital interviews).


2) Your business is searching for a niche skill set:

Some organizations need talent that’s very specialized, and requires recruiters to search for prospects beyond the local territory. Traditionally, this meant employers had to fork over costs associated with flying prospects in, paying for lodging, transportation, food and other hosting expenses- a huge burden for hiring budgets to endure.

To simplify talent scouting, video technology can aid your recruitment team in inching closer to finding the right candidate by sharing video based assessments to evaluate their technical and soft skills. By being able to customize questions, your headhunters can save time by focusing on areas of expertise most crucial towards driving your business towards new heights of success.

3) Large scale interview scheduling is a hassle:

The math is pretty simple- the more positions you need to hire for, the more interviews your recruiters will have to schedule. Coordinating a time that works best for your team and the candidates is usually a stressful exercise with conflicting schedules being a predictable source of mayhem.

This is why video assessments add much needed convenience to your recruitment strategy by letting candidates record their interview responses at a time of their choice. Moreover, recruiters can view these responses without feeling pressured between their meetings and work commitments to exercise improved decision making.


4) You’re losing talent to competition:

If you notice a recurring trend where your competitors manage to secure better talent, it’s a sign that digital transformation should be on the cards for your organization. Hiring exceptional talent means going above and beyond the usual headhunting methods to diversify your talent pool and locate better matches.

If your competitors have already introduced video based assessments and are using this platform as an incentive to attract both active and passive candidates to their database, you’re probably missing out a golden opportunity to emerge as an employer-of-choice.


5) Your time-to-hire is driving away candidates:

The usual recruitment funnel has too many stages ranging from phone screenings, in-person interviews, technical and personality based assessments to ensure your hiring decisions are spot on. This makes sense from the company’s perspective that wants to be confident that they choose the top performing talent, however, job seekers find jumping through these hoops quite frustrating.

To speed up hiring, video based interviewing surfaces as a win-win situation for both the employer and job seekers. Skipping this notoriously slow exercise, video assessments provide through evaluation to support well thought out candidate selection. This also leads to satisfied job seekers that feel more valued, and relieved by no longer being put through the inefficient recruitment framework.

Key Takeaways:

Job seeker preferences and employer needs continue to evolve consistently, and this is why the tools and technology being used to recruit should be revised at the same pace. Considering the importance of video in our lives from all aspects of education to engagement to branding, it’s only fair to incorporate video interviewing into your hiring processes to boost recruiter productivity and talent acquisition efficiency.

From cost savings, engaged prospects to large scale hiring without a hitch- using innovation to stay ahead of competition is the secret all thriving businesses are keeping under wraps.


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